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Crypto Developer // Software Engineer 

Have a requirement? Send me a DM on Telegram @FeistySquirrel and let’s see what I can do for you!


Whether you need a Rewards Dashboard for your dividend contract; or a completely custom DAPP.   Contact Me to discuss your requirements.


Does what it says on the tin.  Custom Telegram bots to meet your requirements.  Whether it’s drawing information from the block chain, or just providing information…


A complete project contract, or a side-utility, or perhaps a lotto contract … nothing is too big too small. 


Got a boring repetitive task, and you want to help automate it?  Perhaps you need to monitor who buys but doesn’t sell for a competition… No matter what it is you need, let’s create a solution!

This isn’t exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of some the projects I have worked on previously, and allow you to see my abilities.

 Send me a DM on Telegram @FeistySquirrel and let’s see what I can do for you!

If you’d prefer to email me with your requirements (instead of reaching out on Telegram), fill in the form below and I will in contact.